Advantages of All-Year Round Carpets Cleaning

Carpets are one of the dirtiest things inside the home. That’s the reason why they should be cleaned at all times. While it’s true that carpets should only be cleaned only twice a year, there’s no reason why you can’t clean your carpet all year round.

Properly cleaning of carpets is a maintenance step that shouldn’t be missed. There are many reasons why you should request St. Paul residential carpet cleaning services as often as needed. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

1. Longer carpet life

Carpet cleaning is known to prolong the life of your carpets. The popular method used to clean carpets is called extraction and it protects the carpet as it cleans it. If you’re going to hire carpet cleaning experts, be sure to ask them if they are using the extraction method.

2. Improves indoor air quality

Carpets tend to trap air pollutants, which is why you should make sure that your carpet is clean. A dirty carpet makes the air dirty too. The only way to remove the pollutants in the air is to make sure that your carpet is free from mold and mildew.

3. Easier carpet maintenance

Carpets get dirty because they trap soil and dirt. If you have your carpet cleaned regularly, then subsequent maintenance becomes a lot easier. With all the dry soils removed either by deep carpet cleaning or regular vacuuming, it’s easier to make sure that your carpet is in its tiptop shape.

4. Eliminate stains and spots

Once your carpet gets soiled, more stains and spots are bound to happen. This is because soils and spots contain residue that can attract more dirt as time goes by. This is why you have to clean stains and spots promptly.

5. Healthier environment

Dirty carpets allow allergens and bacteria to build up. Keeping a dirty carpet is like inviting dirt, bacteria, and viruses inside your home. Many of the unhealthy contaminants that found their way inside the home tend to proliferate in the carpet.

6. Better room appearance

The room with a clean carpet is not just healthy, but it also looks good. A nice living room leaves the best impression with your guests. A clean room also a comfortable room, which means you can go about your daily chores or activities with ease.

7. Better morale

Nothing uplifts you better than a clean home or office space. With a clean carpet, you’re ensuring yourself of the best feeling while working or living your daily life. Clean carpets won’t add up to your stress.

8. Maintains the carpet’s warranty

Carpets are sold with a warranty but it is voided when the carpet is not maintained well. For the warranty to stay valid, the carpets have to undergo extraction cleaning at least yearly. Unless that’s done, you can’t claim warranty against the manufacturer.

Carpet cleaning contractors are here to help you with this task. Simply find the most respectable service provider near you and they will help you achieve the results that you want in no time.

Should We Go Back to Direct Mails?

Today’s digital world sends waves and waves of advertisements every second. With our eyes always bombarded with pop-ups, inserts, and text ads, we’ve learned how to ignore them instead of paying a split second of our attention to them.

The question now is this: Is digital advertising still worth it or should we go back to the basics and resurrect direct mail advertising? That’s the question that merits a lengthy explanation. Is online advertising that made direct mails obsolete also the one that forces its resurrection due to the clutter and mess that it generated?

Why Direct Mail Marketing?

You’ve always heard it. The money is in the list. That still holds true to this day. While today’s direct mailing platform has shifted to digital, there’s no question that direct mail is still a very effective tool to lure customers to your product, services, business, or company. Since that’s already a given, it’s better if we determine if digital marketing is better than the traditional way of doing it.

Traditional direct mail marketing involves the use of a printed material sent to the physical addresses of potential clients. In essence, you’ll be creating a mailer for all your potential clients will hold and read. There are different types of direct marketing mail and it’s not strictly a letter. You can send in catalogs, plastic gift cards, coupon booklets, postcards, or anything else that would represent your products and services best.

Is Direct Mail Still Effective?

There’s no amount of statistic that can be fed into anyone to believe that direct mail is effective, although there is much proof of that. It’s best to evaluate the effectiveness of direct marketing using your own point of view. Let’s take an example.

What would you do if you receive a 100-page catalog from a home furnishing manufacturer in your mail? Would you browse a few pages of it or immediately throw it in the bin? You’d most probably do the former before doing the latter. It’s safe enough to say that whoever sent in that catalog has succeeded in their goal of capturing your interest.

How about if a pizza company sent you a plastic membership card that gives you a 10% discount every time you call for a delivery or order from the store? I bet you’ll try that card immediately to see if it works as soon as you receive it from the mail. The same goes true for a booklet full of coupons. You’ll probably drop by the store first thing in the morning to redeem them.

Why You Should Try It

All of these are proof that direct marketing still works if done in the right way. Direct marketing should be done with careful planning so that your efforts in sending them out to thousands of your clients won’t be in vain. It’s true that direct marketing is more expensive than email advertising or PPC. But it works and it does so beautifully.

If you need help with creating a direct mail Las Vegas, you simply have to contact the experts in this mode of advertising to help you out. Schedule several consultation sessions with them so you can tell them your marketing goals and give you good suggestions on how to execute them.